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Are you an athlete who participates in sports that require repetitive throwing motions or lifting overhead? If so, you may be at risk of developing an elbow injury. Elbow arthroscopy is an important surgical technique designed to treat an extensive array of elbow injuries in a minimally invasive way with limited soft tissue damage. Elbow surgeon, Dr. James Mazzara performs elbow arthroscopy for patients in Manchester, South Windsor, Enfield, Glastonbury and surrounding Hartford communities who have sustained an elbow injury that requires surgery. Contact Dr. Mazzara’s team today!

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What is elbow arthroscopy?

Arthroscopic elbow surgery, also called minimally invasive surgery, is one of the most common procedures performed in the treatment of elbow injuries and degenerative conditions. Dr. James Mazzara, orthopedic elbow surgeon serving patients in Manchester, South Windsor, Enfield, Glastonbury and surrounding Hartford communities offers this innovative surgical technique. Elbow arthroscopy uses several small incisions, instead of a large open incision, to “see” inside the joint. Dr. Mazzara inserts a small camera, called an arthroscope, and uses small, thin surgical instruments to repair the muscle, cartilage and nerves in and around the elbow joint. Elbow arthroscopy is known to give patients less pain, quicker healing time and better outcomes from elbow surgery.

Elbow Arthroscopy

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What types of elbow injuries can be treated with an elbow arthroscopy?

Arthroscopic elbow surgery is used to treat a variety of injuries and conditions including:

  • Stiff Elbow
  • Osteochondritis Dissecans (Elbow OCD)
  • Elbow Arthritis and Elbow Osteoarthritis
  • Ligament damage

Are you a candidate for elbow arthroscopy?

There are two ways to initiate a consultation with Dr. Mazzara:

You can provide current X-rays and/or MRIs for a clinical case review with Dr. Mazzara.

You can schedule an office consultation with Dr. Mazzara.

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What is the recovery time after elbow arthroscopic surgery?

Recovery from an elbow arthroscopy is generally quicker than an open surgery technique. However, it takes time for muscles and tendons to heal. It is very important to follow all rehabilitation guidelines provided by Dr. Mazzara and his orthopedic team after an elbow arthroscopy. Here is what to expect:

  • Elbow discomfort, pain and swelling up to a week after an elbow arthroscopy. Dr. Mazzara suggests using icepacks to help minimize swelling.
  • In the hours following an elbow arthroscopy, the surgical dressing will need to be kept clean and dry. Dr. Mazzara and his team will instruct patients on when to change their dressing and how often.
  • Medication will be prescribed as necessary. Follow dosage directions carefully.
  • Often a splint, sling or other device is used to immobilize the elbow.
  • Physical therapy exercises will usually begin immediately following surgery rather they be passive (arm is moved by another person) or active (arm is moved by the patient.) Dr. Mazzara’s orthopedic team will instruct patients on proper arm movement to avoid injury and aid in healing.
  • Dr. Mazzara will usually see patients in his office within a few days after an elbow arthroscopy for a post-operative evaluation.

For more information regarding elbow arthroscopy please contact the office of Dr. James Mazzara, elbow surgeon treating patients living in Manchester, South Windsor, Enfield, Glastonbury and surrounding Hartford communities.


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